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Why Do Students Cheat on Essay Writing?

Today we are taking benefits from technological advancements in almost every aspect of our life. But we are becoming less interested and adherent to morality and ethics with time. We are materialistic enough, that even for little gains, we are happy to keep aside the code of ethics. This happens in our professional as well as personal dealings. Students are not well trained in the areas of ethics and morality, and when they begin deceiving their teacher and parents by finding easy ways, they become solely responsible for bearing the consequences.
There are several reasons why students use these deceptive techniques, particularly while completing their course work. The most common amongst them is essay cheating.
Let’s explore some of them to know how they may be stopped, and what comes under the definition of cheating

Student Are Not Trained To Do Hard Work

We are living in an era of creating easiness for us, and for this, we have made several replacements. Such as the automatic machines are making our daily chores trouble-free and less time-consuming. On the one hand, this is great because we can give more output in less time, but on the other hand, we are getting addicted to effortlessness. Now, anything that demands struggle and hard work seem to be a burden for us. Students who are eating favorite foods and living a life without any challenges find it difficult to put the effort into productive tasks such as essay writing. These easier ways may be cheating a friend's essay and plagiarism.

Too Many Options to Cheat

The world of the internet makes the whole thing accessible to students. They can investigate whatever they want. Even if they wish to find a very specific kind of essay, they can easily search for it. With little amendment and techniques to show it as original, they can cheat confidently. The open doors to steal the things made it easier for them to do it with confidence
They Know the Teachers Won’t Pay Attention
There are such ignorant teachers who give students assurance that their plagiarized work wouldn’t get caught. The assignment is just a formality and I have to submit the essay anyway. It is an established fact that teachers who are more vigilant about homework have students that tend to be conscious of their work too. They cannot dare to cheat because they have been warned by their teachers that they may be expelled.

Students Are Not Motivated For Homework

It is the duty of the teacher to motivate their students and arouse interest in them. There is a teacher who teaches casually, and the students are sleepy during their class. In those subjects, students know that the criteria for passing won’t be tough as was class performance, therefore they rely on cheating.
However there must be students with genuine issues, and in order to keep pace with their class, they can avail of some help from essay writing companies. However, some universities and professors may consider it cheating, but you never know what kind of struggle that student is facing. Maybe that student is not a native English speaker, and they think “I can pay someone to do my homework” so that to use it as a guideline for their future work. These essay writing companies are not merely making money but help with college homework to those who are completely blank how to begin and do it, while, for example, your parents or siblings need you because of a severe health problem.

Students Have a Fear of Failure

Students who think that they will fail if they write something themselves because they do not think they are good writers, prefer to cheat or show someone else’s work as their own with little changes. Therefore the lack of confidence in your own skills becomes a problem.